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Our projects and solutions

  • SMS Dispatcher - High Performance SMS Gateway Solution

    SMS Dispatcher solves a tough problem of high-speed routing of SMS streams from corporate systems to the mobile operator's SMS Center. Capacity of SMS centers is sharp definite and SMS Dispatcher is to load it optimally for the best performance of the corporate BSS. SMS Dispatcher provides the SMS sending systems with SMPP, SOAP, MQ and SQL interfaces covering the most of BSS needs. The main sources of SMS are customer care solutions, top-up processing and SMS broadcast systems. SMS Dispatcher is a fast solution of 3000 SMS/sec.

    SMS Dispatcher White Paper

  • Beeline Bonuses for Malina loyalty program
    malina beeline

    The service allows new facilities to users of Malina loyalty program. Now they can buy Beeline services using Malina bonuses.

    Description of the service.

  • Payment Terminal Software NettoCheck
    netto pro

    «NettoCheck payment terminals» allow organizing payment process for mobile operators and other service providers.

    Key features:

    • Opportunity to accept payment with bill validator.
    • Integration with merchant's trading infrastructure.
    • Recognition of the bar code scanner's receipts.
    • Multilanguage support.
    • Support of advertising application on the second monitor.

  • Mobile Top-Up (mobile payment by a credit card)
    rus standart alpha beeline vtb 24

    Mobile payment provides Vimpelcom subscribers with the opportunity to pay for services using their mobile phone.

    Key features:

    • Cashless payments for telecom services. All you need is credit card and mobile phone.
    • Opportunity to activate a payment without acceptance service («Autopayment»).

    Vimpelcom's partners are «Alfa-Bank» and «Russian Standard Bank»

  • BillAnalyzer for corporate clients
    1c rarus beeline
    The service allows corporate subscribers to save, store, analyze and consider information about payments for mobile services in easy way. The service was realized in collaboration with 1C-Rarus company. Description of the service.

    Key features:

    • Transfering data to corporate subscriber is automatic
    • High reliability of service due to no impact of human factors (complex web-interface is absent).

  • GPRS, roaming and SMS rating for prepaid
    beeline golden corbina

    The system add new features to existing billing systems in Vimpelcom and allows to provide new types of services.

    Key features:

    • Authorization subscribers and rating GPRS-traffic (WAP, Internet)
    • Control access to service of global and national roaming, rating roaming traffic
    • Control access to services: broad-band Internet, VoIP and mobile TV.


    • The system structure is flexible and expansible. It allows to realize new business requirements in easy way
    • The capacity of the system is high like some real-time systems

  • Dealer On Line

    The system allows to register subscribers in dealer's offices in automatic way.

    Key features:

    • Automatic input and validation of contracts data
    • Secure transfer data from dealer's office to service provider through public Internet network
    • Automatic register subscribers contracts


    • Register transfering data in onilne mode
    • Online and Offline modes of end-user application
    • Flexible interfaces with external systems for integration

  • Dealer Customer Care Automation

    The DCCA solution is automatic system of execution of operations abonents service throught net. This System designed for all Vimpelcoms subscribers and all rate-plan in all region of Russia and CIS.

    Plantation this solutuon in Russia and CIS permited:

    • Increase accessability and speed of service Bee subscribers
    • Reduce load on service and sales Bee offices
    • Develop new direction activity (grant servces to subscribers throught dealers network)
  • Prepaid for legal Entities

    «Prepaid for legal Entities» designed for Beeline's corporate clients using pre-paid tariff plans. The solution provides an easy way to pay for telecom services and to manage distribution of finances on employees accounts

    Key features:

    • Cashless payments for telecom services
    • Opportunity to spend the transferred money independently and controlled for employees balance replenishment for selectable sum
    • Opportunity to choose the way of balance replenishment. Options are to pay automatically after transferring the cashless payment or manually by means of handy web-interface
    • Opportunity to pay the phone bills using personal finances by all the known ways such as credit card, ATM, the operator's offices, bank cash register, supermarket cash register, gas stations, payment partners' points

  • Universal Transaction and Log Warehouse

    Solution allows to keep all transactions and quick references on internal systems connected to this system

    Key features:

    • the System has the distributed architecture guaranteeing stability of operation
    • the system provides high efficiency of fixing transactions
  • USSD, SMS and IVR based Self-Care

    This Selfcare System grant access to managing Vimpelcoms services from mobile.

    Using this system user has following abilitys:

    • Manage "favourite number" service and change list of favourite numbers
    • Requesting information about balance, unpaid rate, rate plan and switched on services
    • Turn on and off additional services
    • Changing rate plan
    • Receive information about pay value

    Key features:

    • High speed of work
    • Requests using SMS, USSD and IVR
    • High load capability
  • Dealer Management System

    Solution is used for charge of dealer reward by internal rules of the company.

    Key features:

    • usage of information from several billing systems for reward calculation
    • thin customised circuits and individual (for separate dealers) algorithms of dealer reward's calculation
    • control of dealer's fraud
    • developed reporting, allowing to inspect the main metrics of dealer activity
    • floppy interfaces of the control and adjustment of large volumes of the incoming information
  • SMS Broadcast

    «SMS Broadcast» is created for delivery short text messages to the subscribers.

    Key features:

    • provides high speed of broadcast
    • any length telephone numbers support
    • periodic broadcasts support
    • supports possibility of the analysis of loading system on the basis of forthcoming broadcasts
  • Reverse Engineering and customization of
    «Dealer On Line» system

    DealerOnLine is a solution for remote registration of subscribers agreements in dealers' offices. It already runs at Vimpelcoms affiliated companies in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. To support Beeline's CIS expansion Instream burst into rapid reverse engineering of DealerOnLine legacy system and launching the solution in CIS.

  • Reverse Engineering and customization of
    BeeOffice - a self-care solution

    The system provides the subscribers with the possibility to manage telecom services from the mobile phone directly. The subscribers can request information about balance and bills and turn on additional features or change the current subscription.

    Self care operations can be done via IVR, UIVR, USSD, SMS