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Why Instream

Instream was founded in 2005 as a challenge to low software quality standards which had set in Russia due to the rising IT market which seriously spoiled IT vendors.

Instream is focused on delivering entirely working software instead of semimanufactures. Working with us our customer doesn't need to pay twice by giving our software to an independent testing company.

Instream aims at saving our customer's money. Our principle is "An expensive must be expensive, a cheap must be cheap". Neither our employees nor our managers will ever take advantage of selling anything for much money if it took only a few hours of work.

We value long-term partnership and try to make our service towards a concrete client better every day.

Quality standards

We consider our work to be good if we delivered the software without defects and on time.

Instream uses five leveled severity of defects: supercritical (1+), critical(1), serious(2), non critical(3), nice to have(4). According to Instream's standard a shipped software must not have defects 1+,1 and 2.

And even one day of delay is considerable issue.

Time-to market approach

Focusing on quality does not prevent us from being operative. The solutions must be delivered and started according to competitive market reality. The best way of satisfying the customer's time needs is seriously considered in every project even if it is a real challenge to the team. The solution must be started on time and of high quality. This is the only way for them to bring success.