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NetByNet launched Instream's mobile selfcare solution in a new WiFire design.


Beeline Kazakhstan launched Instream's SMS Storm solution of high performance to cope with massive emergency SMS broadcast.


Instream released a mobile application MoDic for memorizing foreign words by flashcard voiced by a professional speaker from Glasgow.


NetByNet launched Web selfcare solution developed by Instream. The Web selfcare finalizes NetByNet's complete selfcare family for desktops, iOS and Android devices.


NetByNet launched subscribers SMS information system based on Instream's SMS Dispatcher solution.


Instream released New Dealer Management System version for the Vimpelcoms's Eurasia subsidiaries.


Instream delivered Prepaid for Legal Entities for the Vimpelcoms's Eurasia subsidiaries.


Instream delivered Career Ladder solution for Philip Morris International. Career Ladder provides the employees with the company's organizational structure, staffing positions and requirements.


Instream's engineers have finished their training for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Auditing.


Instream held a workshop to assess the experience of using SCRUM project management technology in projects of various types. SCRUM confirmed the effectiveness of the technology in the development of enterprise applications as well as in start-ups. SCRUM allows you to quickly bring to market new products, as well as to optimize the cost for customers on software development in a fuzzy formulation of the problem in the early stages.


Instream evolved the mechanism of protection against malicious access to Beeline's Mobile payment service. Vimpelcom (Beeline trademark) continues to expand the functionality of mobile payments, providing a high level of protection for the subscribers.


Instream finished creating wellness club management system for Slimclub. The system is designed to organize the daily work of the wellness club administrator - customer relationships, planning and control loading of the facility, the financial and marketing reporting. Russian Wellness introduces the system in their clubs all over Russia.


Instream evolved Mobile TopUp for Beeline solution with direct and simple credit card registration on the operator's web-site.


Instream shares our experience on testing location based applications for Android on SQA days Moscow


Instream provides new special rating for Vimpelcoms clients in roaming. Now traveling Beelines subscribers can call to the operators Customer Care Center for free.


Instream launches high-performance SMS Dispatcher solution for Vimpelcom (Beeline). The solution is built on Oracle GlassFish J2EE Server and Oracle DBMS.

SMS Dispatcher solves the tough problem of high-speed routing of SMS streams from corporate systems to the mobile operator's SMS Center. The SMS centers of mobile operators are highly loaded industrial solutions serving millions of subscribers. Capacity of SMS centers is sharp definite and SMS Dispatcher is to optimally load the SMS Center for the best performance of the corporate BSS. The main sources of SMS are customer care solutions, top-up processing and SMS broadcast systems. SMS Dispatcher provides the SMS sending systems with SMPP, SOAP, MQ and SQL interfaces covering the most of BSS needs.

The main advantages of SMS Dispatcher are high performance of the core getting 2000 TPS and flexible adjustable routing. The solution is built on Sun platform under Solaris 10 operating system. Using Java the solution can be started on other platforms and OS. It can operate on entry level servers.

"Creating solutions for serving millions of subscribers we deal with high traffic. Even building the test bench and the emulator of the SMS Center for testing the core is quite an engineering task." Vladimir Herrmann, head of Instream commented.

SMS Dispatcher allows Beeline to be more flexible and sensitive towards our corporate clients and underlines our innovative leadership and focus on business partners needs., Alexander Molozhavskiy, Project Manager, Vimpelcom.


Instream proves high level of technological capability winning the Vimpelcom's tender for maintenance and evolution IT Prepaid Support System for 5 years in Russia and CIS. IT Prepaid Support System provides GPRS sessions, international roaming fro prepaid-subscribers, Broadband Internet provisioning and other functions for prepaid.


Instream participated in 5th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia CEE-SECR 2009. Alexandr Hruschov, Instream's Project Manager, delivered his report on "Effectiveness of automation testing in IT-projects".

We are sure the report and followed discussion to form an objective view on effectiveness of autotesting.


Instream enabled customer service through Beeline dealers.

New solution from Instream increases speed and availability of customer service, lowers the loading of Beeline's offices.

The convenience of new channel was realized by the subscribers as early as May 2008 when Instream launched SIM-cards replacement taking only 10 minutes in dealers point. Launched in August-September 2009 solution advances dramatically the spectrum of customer service providing long-expected service like "Calls detailing", "Phone number change", "Transfer of mistaken payment" and "Scratch card code recovery".

Evolving Beeline's customer service concept Instream integrated the new solution with Euroset's corporate information system to make the service most wide.

"It is always a great interest to create online front-end services which come to the subscribers increasing the level of their comfort. Those projects are always of high responsibility. We are very grateful to Vimpelcom for being at the front-line of customer service", Vladimir Herrmann, the CEO of Instream, commented.


Instream enabled Unified scratch card payments for WiFi from Beeline.


Instream empowers new product for Beeline. Favorite country service launched June 2009. It provides the subscribers with possibility to choose a roaming country with 50% discount.


Instream is sharing its experience in legacy systems development. CNews has published an article "Developers Guide: inheriting an IT system" by Anton Ilyin. This is the first part of the article about legacy systems. http://www.cnews.ru/reviews/index.shtml?2009/01/30/336313


New appointments in Instream.

Instream announced changes in the Company's management team.

Dmitry Lapshinov, ex head of the Rating and Self-care systems Department, will be in charge of the Business Development from January 2008.

Dmitry Fink, ex head of the eCommerce Systems Department, now Commercial Director, will be responsible for Sales and Distribution.

Promoting insiders to the key positions is Instream's policy.


Instream and Nival Network announced starting collaboration. Instream will deliver software for Nival. Nival Network is the youngest company in the Nival Group. Established in September 2008, it is developing and operating a new generation of gaming social networks. The company owns development studios in Moscow and Minsk. More at www.nival.com


Program solution "Mobile payment" (Mobile Top Up), developed by Instream company for OJSC "Vympelcom" ("Beeline" trade mark), has made the process of account replenishment even easier: control of the "Mobile payment" service became possible through the Internet and WAP-portals.

Updating of the Mobile payment service was completed in November 2008. For the Russian cellular branch "Mobile payment" is a unique service that allows paying telecommunication services with only mobile phone without the necessity to visit payment points.

The major innovation is the possibility to control Mobile payments through the Internet and the WAP-portals. The functionality was developed by Instream by request of Vympelcom. Earlier this service was accessible through USSD-inquiries. Now it is possible to register a plastic card, to fill up your balance and balance of another subscriber, to register "Autopayment" and many other things through the site - oplata.beeline.ru.

Starting new products on the market, we aspire to make them as handy and useful for our subscribers as possible. Certainly, an important role here plays availability of the services. Full-scale start of the "Mobile payment" service was in October of this year, and now a possibility of payments control through the Internet and Wap was added. It is an important step in this direction" - says Victor Markelov, the Products Director of OSJC "Vympelcom".

Vladimir German, Director of Instream, says about the co-project: The service turned out simple and handy with serious infrastructure and long-term work underlying it. I use this service myself from the first days of its introduction on the market. For bank card holders it is the most convenient way to fill up own balance and the balance of their relatives.


BeeLine's "Mobile payment" service has expanded a circle of users. Now all holders of cards Visa Electron, who makes the basic part of owners of VISA cards in Russia, can use this service. More in detail


Instream has supported start by Vympelcom of high-speed Internet access service under a brand a BeeLine, having realised in the new version of "GPRS, roaming and SMS rating for prepaid" solution functionality of handle of services of broadband access for prepaid-platform Comverse. Start of broadband access services under a uniform brand has strategic value for Vympelcom business. Since September, 22nd the BeeLine offers service of wire Internet access in 17 cities of Russia.


Vympelcom has certificated information systems and IT processes at e-port on conformity to Vympelcom requirements to payments processing systems of partners. Audit of systems and processes was spent by Instream by request of Vympelcom. The certificate confirms quality of services e-port and strategic partnership with BeeLine.


Our location has changed. Now we're on the 8th of March st.,12. Location.


New version of product "GPRS and roaming rating" is started which allowed to launch service "Beeline's countries". Now Beeline's subscribers can use preferential tariffication in countries of CIS.


Beeline Company started broad operation of DCCA (Dealer Customer Care Automation) service . This solution is used for automation of subscriber operation at the dealer's offices and it is available for all subscribers and billplans in all regions of Russia.


Service "Loud roaming", which enables to talk cheaper at the seaside is launched. Functionality of this service is implemented at new version of product "GPRS and roaming rating".


On the 5th of MAY VTB 24 started project "Mobile bonus 10%" on the base of «Mobile Top-Up (mobile payment by a credit card)» service. Clients of bank can register their VTB 24 card at «Mobile Top-Up (mobile payment by a credit card)» service or get "Mobile bonus 10%"credit card.


New version of "Gifts from Beeline" products is started. Now postpaid subscribers can change their points at Malina program for minutes of talk.


Product "Dealer Customer Care Automation" (DCCA) is launched to pilot operation. It is an advance to widening of the service range, which can be issued at dealers' offices. This solution is developed for automatic procession of requests from dealers. Adoption of this product will reduce beeline offices' load and will increase accessibility and speed of subscribers service. Now this service is available for Moscow and Moscow region subscribers.


Dealer Management System is successfully started at Kar-tel(Vimpelcom's daughter company). Using this solution rewards for dealers operations can be taken. And also it considerably increases fraud risk and working hours for calculation of dealer reward.


Centralized solution of USSD, SMS and IVR based Self-Care system is launched at all countries of Beeline presence. This solution will reduce development and support costs for all countries.


United centralized version of GPRS and roaming rating. for Russia and CIS countries is launched. Now this version is available for Russian subscribers, planning to install it in CIS countries.


Centralized version of DealerOnLine system is started. It will decrease costs for system development and new services launch in Russia and CIS countries. New version uses technology of autoupdate based on Microsoft ClickOnce technology.


The Payment Terminal Software development project for company «Netto Processing». has been successfully finished. The kiosks are created for payments' getting for benefit of telecoms operators and other services' providers in the trade outlets. The main difference between kiosks NettoCheck and their analogs in the market is integration with trade processes' software and using of bar-code scanner for recognition of payment receipts.

Infokiosk is in the shop in Omsk.


The product The gifts from "Beeline", which allows subscribers of prepaid payment system to order "Beeline" services packages in exchange for accumulated points of Malina programme, has been put into operation.


The service "Home region", which allows subscribers to talk at the same price as price in their regions during travels about the country, has been launched.


The new version of solution for product «Prepaid for Legal Entities» of Beeline company has been put into operation. The new version is transition from pilot solution to the industry solution. The interface of connectivity with client has entered into integrated BeeLine SelfCare System.


The USSD, SMS and IVR based Self-Care for subscribers of prepaid and postpaid payment systems has been launched in Mobitel. Now all Beeline subscribers in CIS have the opportunity to control their services and tariff plans without assistance.


The customization's project works and works of putting system DealerOnLine into operation have been finished for close corporation "Armentel". The launch of the system allows dealers to have the opportunity of online transmission of subscribers' contracts.


The USSD, SMS and IVR based Self-Care BeeOffice for subscribers of prepaid and postpaid payment systems has been launched in close corporation "Armentel".


The version of Dealer Management System has been put into operation for support of action "The phone Samsung at our expense", which is jointly conducted by companies «Svyaznoy», «Beeline» and «Samsung».


The project of customization and installation of system DealerOnLine has been successfully finished in Georgia. The launch of the system allows dealers to have the opportunity of online transmission of subscribers' contracts what is very important for company's focus on network expansion and development of market channels.


The service «Autopayment» of "Beeline" company's product «Mobile Top-Up (mobile payment by a credit card)»", which allows subscribers to pay automatically the bill using the credit card, has been put into operation. Client can customize automatic payment of his bill and also bill of another subscriber, can control the payment sums and the limit when "Autopayment" launches.


The USSD, SMS and IVR based Self-Care has been launched in "Vimpelcom's" affiliate company "Tacom" " in Tadjikistan. The new service allows "Beeline"'s subscribers in Tadjikistan to control their services, to change their tariff plans and to get information messages.


The product DealerOnLine. has been put into operation in Ltd "Tacom". Now registration of subscribers' contracts is executed by dealers.


The USSD, SMS and IVR based Self-CareBeeOffice for subscribers of prepaid payment system has been launched in Unitel.


The project Prepaid for Legal Entities has been successfully launched in "Vimpelcom" company. The new project allows clients to pay for "Beeline" services using credit cards. The banks-partners of "Beeline" are «Alpha Bank» «Bank Russian Standard».


The USSD, SMS and IVR based Self-Care for subscribers of prepaid payment system has been launched in limits of switching to the new billing platform in Kar-Tel company.


The system for online registration of subscribers' contracts (Dealer On Line)has been successfully put into operation in "Vimpelcom's" affiliate company "Unitel" in Uzbekistan. The system allows to reduce essentially the time of transmission of subscribers' contracts, which were made in dealers' trade outlets.


The product "Prepaid for Legal Entities" has been launched - this product allows corporative cleints to pay their employees' bills without assistance.


The system DealerOnLine. has been successfully launched in "Beeline's" affiliate company "Kar-Tel" in Kazakhstan. The system allows to execute online registration of subscribers' contracts, which were made in dealers' trade outlets in Kazakhstan.