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Proactive approach in managing image of information systems. How can IT-department save its sponsors. Vladimir Herrmann. 10.01.10.

Any CIO's image is tightly bound to the services' images which are provided by the IT-Department. IT-Managers have many tasks but one of the main tasks is to know his or her current rating as well as the IT-departments rating and to manage his reputation through managing information systems image.
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Efficiency of usage of automatic tests in IT Projects. Alexander Khrushchev. 28.10.09.

The budget of IT-project is eaten up at railway speed when IT-system has a spaghetti code and multiple test-iterations. At first sight, if time for search and correction of defects has exceeded all permissible limits, it is necessary to introduce the automated testing. But, will it pay back in the future?

Published in "Journal of Communication and Computer", №6, 2010.